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Carolin Emcke is a journalist, political theorist and writer.

She studied philosophy, history and political science in London, Frankfurt/Main and Harvard. She has a doctorate in philosophy with a book on „Collective Identities". As a staff writer for the foreign news desk of Der Spiegel (1998-2006), she has written about war crimes and human rights violations in Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Israel, Columbia among others. In 2003/2004 she worked as a visting lecturer at the University of Yale. In 2006/2007 she worked as an advisor for the Master of Journalism program at the Hamburg Media School. Since 2007 she works as an international reporter for the German weekly "DIE ZEIT". Her book „Echoes of Violence- Letters from a War reporter", first published in Germany in 2004, was named „Political Book of the Year in 2005". In 2006 she was awarded the Ernst-Bloch-Foerderpreis, a German award given to scholars and philosophers of extraordinary promise. Since 2004 she curates and hosts the monthly discussion forum „Streitraum" at the theatre Schaubuehne Berlin. Carolin Emcke lectures and teaches about theories of violence, collective identities and cosmopolitanism as about international journalism. She also regularly writes about photography, music and contemporary dance. In 2008 her latest book „Stumme Gewalt – Nachdenken über die RAF" came out about the silent violence of the German „Baader Meinhof Gang". In 2008 she was awarded the "Theodor Wolff Preis". In 2010 Carolin Emcke received the "Otto Brenner Preis" for her essay on "Liberal Racism - or Muslims in Europe", she received the "Reporter-Preis 2010", for her article on witnessing the war in Iraq, and she was named "Journalist of the Year 2010" by the medium magazine. She lives in Berlin.


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