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July 30th, 2010: Essay: "Muslims in Europe" - or Whose Enlightenment is it?
April 25th, 2010: On Terror: "Mute Force - Reflections on the Red Army Faction"
January 7th, 2010: In Iraq: "The Remains of War"
published in: DIE ZEIT Magazine, January 7th 2010
July 30th, 2009: In Israel: Music in a State of Emergency
published in: DIE ZEIT, July 30th 2009
February 12th, 2009: In Gaza: "Why did Ibrahim and Kassab die?"
published in: DIE ZEIT, February 12, 2009
December 17th, 2008: Essay: "The Pain of Others"
published in: DIE ZEIT, December 17th 2008
July 19th, 2008: In Cairo: "The Garbage, the City and Life"
published in: DIE ZEIT Magazine, June 19th 2008
January 3rd, 2008: In Pakistan: Allah's Lost City
published in: DIE ZEIT Magazin, January 3 2008

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