Carolin Emcke
Foto: Carolin Emcke
February 17th, 2010


Essay: Muslims in Europe - or: Whose Enlightenment is it?

The African-American comedian Bert Williams coined the phrase, "It's no disgrace to be colored, but it's terribly inconvenient." These days one would say: It's no disgrace to be a Muslim in Europe, but it's terribly inconvenient.

There no longer seem to be Muslims in singular. They are invisible as individuals, as people to whom their membership in the local soccer club or their work as a nurse might be more important than their Bosnian or Afghan background. Muslims rarely exist today as teachers or locksmiths, as lovers of Neil Young or Munir Bashir, Muslims rarely exist as religious or gay, as atheists and Opel workers not because this does not exist, but because they are no longer perceived as such.

© from: ancama_99- Flickr